Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wallace Kiser and his Orchestra - Bumble Boogie

For years, I've been hoarding 78rpm homemade record acetates that I've found at yard sales and thrift shops, and I decided last year to finally actually play one and digitize it. It was posted for awhile to JSHNYC but so far no one has been able to tell me more about the artist.

Warning: this particular record is really, really, really whipped, but through the static you can hear that it's apparently a 1930's radio broadcast of Wallace Kiser and his Orchestra doing "Bumble Boogie" in the Blue Room of the Downing House, Lexington, KY.

I'm only arbitrarily guessing the spelling is Kiser - it could be Kaiser or Kyser. A Google search surprisingly brings up absolutely nothing for any of these spellings of the artist, nor for the venue. It's like this record came from an alternate universe or something. Anyone have a clue?

Other than pitch-correction, I've done absolutely nothing to this track yet, but with noise reduction and editing tools, I think I can restore it into something marginally listenable. Sooner or later. All in time.

Wallace Kiser and his Orchestra - Bumble Boogie

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