Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kurt Widmann and his Orchestra - In Rio de Janeiro

Kurt Widmmann (Born March 2, 1906, died Nov. 27, 1954) was an innovative bandleader with a flair for the exotic. Listen to this number, in which we hear a German band playing a faux-Brazilian Tango with a Hawaiian-style slide guitar solo.

He first played the Accordion in early incarnations of his band, and later the trombone. In the early 1930s he had a jazz quintet that played nightly at the Hotel Imperator. The Nazis came down on him about Jewish influences in his repertoire, and Widmann began trying to dodge the Gestapo by using English-sounding aliases like 'Billy Blackmoore' and 'John Webb'.

After World War II, his orchestra found some work in the clubs of the American Sector of Berlin, but never regained their pre-war stature.

Kurt Widmann and his Orchestra - In Rio de Janeiro

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