Thursday, September 16, 2010

Retrovirus & Opportunistic Infection (RV&OI) - Pork Factory

Recorded inside a stinky old abandoned Fischer's meat plant in Louisville, RV&OI's "Pork Factory" is sure to follow in the footsteps of their previous Creeps classics like "Noctural Fridge Party", "Dry Stand Pipe", "Do Not Use Acid to Clean this Brick", and "This Table Smells Like Bleach". The lyrics are hard to suss out through the low fidelity, but it seems to start out this way:

I'm sweatin' like a stuck pig in a 'bandoned sausage factory.
I'm sweatin' in here, just OI and me, RV.
The paint's probably lead and it's peelin' off the walls from another century.
I'm spielin' and squealin' and playin' guitar and sweatin' like a stuck P-O-R-K pig.

P-O-R-K pig, P-O-R-K pig, P-O-R-K pig.

RV&OI - Pork Factory (YouTube)

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