Thursday, December 25, 2008

Keep Circulating the RV&OI Tapes

Retrovirus & Opportunistic Infection (RV & OI) were one of the earliest bands to self-identify as "Creeps" music, and since they're still around to this day, they would qualify as the longest-running one. They also have their very own comic book series, albeit it's as simplistic and primitive as their music. We dig 'em.

RV&OI audio files on

After years of purveying the finest in low-fi lowbrow atonal warbling from Kentucky street-busking duo Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection, we've finally decided to enter the 21st century digital age by flooding the market and hopefully glutting cyberspace with these deliciously shitty archival recordings of raw squirming humanity.

Yes, that's right, you heard right, we're putting it ALL out there for FREE, thanks to the scary geniuses at the Internet Archive Open Source Audio Project. That's right, spontaneous street recordings made by manchild losers on a crappy Radio Shack handheld tape recorder in 1989 while chanting whatever nonsense pops into their heads are now available ALL OVER THE WORLD on this here dashed clever "INTERNET" thingie as variable-rate MP3s, zip files, M3U streams, and even OGG Vorbis files.

In true Creeps fashion, never before has so much effort been expended for something so little.

Creeps Records is grateful to the faithful consumers who have actually paid real money over the years for our cassette-only releases, and surely our sister label JLK Records, who compiled some RV&OI material into compact disc releases, feels the same gratitude as well. HOWEVER: it's now the new millenium. Up is down, black is white, day is night. We now want to GIVE AWAY Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection's corrosively retarded jingles, and to do so aggressively. Your new mission is to take RV&OI's unholy jabberings and FORCE THEM DOWN THE THROATS OF EVERY LIVING BEING ON THIS PLANET. Host these mp3s on your own websites and blogs, or just hotlink to's versions. Email them to everyone you know. Email them to strangers and ask them to "please pass along". Let's make sure these pieces of sonic shit are so spread across cyberspace that they can never, ever, ever, be undone, and thus insure their magickal grip on this sector of the solar system forevermore. NOTHING YOU EVER DO IN YOUR LIFE WILL BE AS IMPORTANT AS THIS.

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  1. i hope your serious, because i just emailed a bunch of these mp3 files to everyone in my adress book and told tjem to pass them along........... i hear and obey

  2. Oh HELL yeah... keep up the good work, soldier.